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Before anyone reads this entry and panics, we JUST started the medication and it does seem to stop the seizures when you give him the half dose. I did not explain myself well in the question and then it wouldn't let me go back and edit. My dad had made a comment on how he thought they were strokes, which freaked me out. Turns out it's probably not and is actually seizures. For which we are trying meds on,

Anyway, to yahoo answers I go to get opinions.

I get a couple that more or less say "Yeah sounds like a seizure, maybe use different meds"

And then I get this one by Top Contributor Lizzie

My personal experience with a dog that had seizures is this: If the medication isn't working, it is the owner's responsibility to tell the vet. Then the dog may be prescribed a different medication, or an increased dose of the same medication, or a second medication to take with the first one.

No dog should suffer 10 to 20 seizures a day. That is irresponsible and inhumane. Each seizure destroys a little bit of brain tissue which never regenerates.

The neighbors may call the Police and Animal Control on your parents soon. If they go to jail. you will most likely be placed in foster care.

Wow, you wonder why she felt the need to add that one on the end.

I will admit to feeling a bit lost about this. While I do live with my parents, he's not my dog, he's theirs. And besides all that I don't really have the funds to take him to the vet myself. I mentioned to my dad the possibility of taking him again this weekend and all he said was. "Well, it's not like there's anything we can do for him anyway" I pointed out there are meds, many different meds in fact that you could feed him and that might help. His only response was "I'll talk it over with your mother later"

Or maybe I'm just worrying too much, since the dog in question is sitting dopey but seizure free in his kennel as I type this.
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