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From the Inception Kink Meme:
Prompt: Eames douchey frat buddies realize that he has a crush on super-serious grad student Arthur, so they decide to abduct him and give him to Eames as a present. Arthur is suitably freaked and upset, and Eames could kill them because now Arthur will never give him a chance.

A/N: Sadly I was able to rely on the experiences of my best friend's roommate getting attacked on campus a couple weeks ago for this. Arthur/Eames, 2632 words, Rated R. Major warnings for abduction and references to non-con.

Why the hell would you put that in the authors note? Does your best friends roommate know that you used her apparent rape/abduction to write porn? That is so disturbing.

Story wasn't bad tho. Too bad the note kind of ruined it for me. I felt like I was reading about the other person abduction, and not a fictional event happening to fictional characters. The whole time I was thinking, did her friend lose feeling in her hands while they were bound? Did she black out before anything happened, and then not know what happened to her? Ugh.

I'll admit to enjoying rape fantasy and noncon, but this was strangely too much for me.

Date: 2011-09-12 12:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pen-pistola.livejournal.com
Please read my reply to your comment. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I would never use actual real life events in that vein to write a story, unless it was something that personally happened to me. That would be douchey.


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