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I forgot to take picture of the finished projects, but let's just say they were kind of hideous.


Sep. 27th, 2010 12:37 am
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I actually ran across a group of these people today. They were in the store shopping. And they all had tails.

So very very weird.

I of course asked them what was up with the tail. And after having a quick whispered conversation "Should we tell her?" They basically repeated the general idea put forth in that video.

Regrettably none of them were the famous Wolfie Blackheart
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Too bad it couldn't of rained like it did yesterday, then I wouldn't of had to go to school.
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Why is it that even though I arrived a full 30 minutes earlier then I usually do, there is still almost no parking. Isn't parking supposed to be easier to find as the semester goes on and people drop classes?

I'm so doomed.
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Who spent an hour today walking around the store holding her newish-born child.

I have nothing against mothers nursing in public, I don't think it's something that you need to do in a closed off room or hidden away. But I'm sorry, I know I can't really see any skin, but I can tell the kid is nursing. It's kinda disturbing that you're walking around shopping in a craft store, while your kid is trying to eat. That can't be all that comfortable for him, nor do I think it can be easy for him to eat with you walking up and down the aisles. Shouldn't you sit down for the 30 minutes to an hour? So both of you can relax?

Also it's kinda weird that you're asking me questions about fabric paint with your shirt hiked up like that. Idk, awkward?

And Again

Aug. 18th, 2010 10:10 am
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(12:56:27 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: hello.
Read more... )

I'd almost swear it's a bot...

Anyway, school starts in 5 days, and I'm nowhere near ready for this.
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I have to leave for work in 10 minutes, why the hell am I having a panic attack about this.
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So I've downloaded the first two episodes of Sherlock, and am in the process of converting them both for ipod, since I never watch anything on my computer when I could be watching it curled up in my awesome bed with my awesome cushion. And if I like it I may go and read some slash instead of sleeping like I should. And eating coffee ice cream.


Today was a truck day, our first Christmas truck, and also a ton of new thanksgiving stuff as well. I was on register, but was also apparently supposed to help with unpacking.

Which would be fine, mostly, if I could actually do more then:
Finish with customer,
Walk over to wall and pick up box,
Cut open box,
Put down box and go back to register to check someone else out.

The start and stop was very annoying. What was even more annoying was the front end managers habit of saying So are you going to help us? Every time I was not actively checking someone out. Why yes,yes I will go over there and pick up a box for you~! And then I will put it down. Because I have to go ring someone up. I think I ended up putting away four or five items in the span of 2 hours.

Also, it might of been better to assign the section closest to my register for me to unpack? Perhaps one of those places where I can actually see my register, instead of the one all the way against the far wall. Where I can't see my register, or in fact any of the registers or the front door. Of course if she'd done that then whoever got my old assignment wouldn't be able to gossip with you. That would be unfortunate for her I can see.

Oh, and if I'm working 10-630 a noon lunch time is not acceptable. Especially since I don't get any other breaks, and when I get back from my lunch I'll still have six hours. This kind of defeats the purpose of having a lunch break every six hours, does it not?

I like the job, and the managers aren't assholes, but I swear to God idk what everyone elses problem is.
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Ugh, at least I didn't end up owning yet more money to this place. I really wish I'd gotten a straight answer as to why I was being told I owed either 430 or 290. And what exactly I was owing that for...


Jul. 28th, 2010 10:09 pm
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This comic..

I swear.

I'm getting way to emotional over stick figures.
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(1:12:54 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: hello.
(11:16:13 AM) Blue: ?
(11:16:40 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: do you write fanfiction.
(11:16:49 AM) Blue: yes
(11:18:50 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: what kind het.
(11:19:12 AM) Blue: het and slash
(11:19:27 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: have you ever seen this tv series sanctuary.
(11:19:36 AM) Blue: uh maybe
(11:19:40 AM) Blue: what channel is it on
(11:19:49 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: sci/fi.
(11:19:56 AM) Blue: ohh
(11:19:59 AM) Blue: probably not
(11:20:13 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: it starred amanda tapping.
(11:21:08 AM) Blue: oh i love amanda tapping
(11:21:16 AM) Blue: i didn't know she had a new series
(11:21:29 AM) Blue: she was so awesome on stargate
(11:22:23 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: well would something like this bother samantha carter pairied witha 15 year old male.
(11:23:04 AM) Blue: you mean like an actual 15 year old male?
(11:23:13 AM) Blue: or someone who just looks like a 15 year old male
(11:23:27 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: an actual 15 year old male.
(11:23:33 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: if that bothers oyu sorry.
(11:28:43 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: does that kind bother you.
(11:29:42 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: you still there.
(11:30:29 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: fine don't answer me.
(11:30:42 AM) crawfordjeremy702000 has buzzed you!
(11:30:55 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: jerk

Guess I shouldn't of made lunch D:
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Who are you crawfordjeremy702000, and why do you want me to write you SVU fan fiction?

Fan fiction involving either of "either olvia benson or alex cabot pairied with a 15 year old male a nc-17 kind."

I.. what?

I don't even know how he got my instant messenger name. And this guy has been asking me for a couple of years. Every year he randomly pops up and asks me if I write fan fiction.

(5:32:09 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: hello.
(6:09:26 AM) Blue: ?
(6:09:34 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: do you write fanfiction.
(6:13:03 AM) Blue: why do you ask me that
(6:13:09 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: looking for someone to write one.
(6:15:38 AM) Blue: like a commission?
(6:15:43 AM) Blue: what fandom?
(6:15:52 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: what you seen a tv series law and order svu.
(6:17:05 AM) Blue: sure i've seen it
(6:17:21 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: i was seeing if someone would a fic of that but no one will.
(6:17:35 AM) Blue: what kind of fic?
(6:17:42 AM) Blue: why don't you write it?
(6:17:49 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: i am not a writer.
(6:18:19 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: and a fic of either olvia benson or alex cabot pairied with a 15 year old male a nc-17 kind.
(6:19:00 AM) Blue: oh.
(6:19:15 AM) Blue: i can't see either of them realisticly doing that though
(6:19:30 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: so you won't do it.
(6:19:51 AM) Blue: well i just think it seems really out of character for either of them
(6:19:56 AM) Blue: behavior wise
(6:20:33 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: please i have been trying for 11 years for someone to write one but no one will.
(6:22:14 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: please will you i just want one fic.
(6:22:52 AM) Blue: where did you get my instant messanger name again?
(6:23:00 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: i forgot.
(6:23:17 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: so will you do the and who will you do olivia or alex.
(6:23:59 AM) Blue: maybe, but i have to go to school
(6:24:03 AM) Blue: i'll have to talk to you later about it
(6:24:23 AM) crawfordjeremy702000: i want you to do it right now.
(6:24:49 AM) Blue: uh well i leave in 6 minutes so....

Uh.... Ok creepy and does anyone else ever get this?
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Yet more things I do to avoid writing papers...
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So Mom drags me all over town today for errands, Oh we'll be home in plenty of time~~. Ha! No.

I have 30 min to shower, change, get ready, and get to work.

And I just got into the badmods comm, AND I DON'T HAVE TIME TO ENJOY THIS.

My life is so hard~

And lol@me wasting time to type this


Jun. 25th, 2010 10:44 pm
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Ok quality, complete concert.

I'm sorry, I love my copy of the DVD, but 70 bucks for a two disk set? I don't think so.


It looks ok on my tiny iTouch screen, idk how it looks full screen. Hopefully I can find my copy and upload a nicer version.
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Bumper stickers from left top to bottom right, as seen on my way to school Tuesday morning.

I've never understood peoples need to plaster bumper stickers all over everything. It just looks messy. I don't really pay attention to politics, but what the hell does Ronald Reagan have to do with Obama? I'm shocked the guy didn't have one of the ones that mention his 'lack of birth certificate.' He seems like the type to have that plastered on his car.

The guy is wealthy, lives in a minimum million dollar house and can undoubtedly afford his own health care.


Jun. 21st, 2010 11:55 pm
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This is what I did for 2 hours today at work. The first few times I kinda enjoyed zoning on the colors, but now it's just annoying. I've seen them all. It's not interesting anymore.

Check out my nice neat ribbons

Totally worth 2 hours of my day right?

It would be nice if one of the managers would say "Thanks for doing the ribbon aisle!" or "Good Job!" but they never do. I'm learning not to expect any sort of encouragement from them or anyone. I'm not even sure I'm doing well here. There's no feedback of any kind. Even if I mess up, no one says anything.

In fact No one says anything to me at all. It's almost peaceful going 8 hours only talking to customers. Makes me more likely to ask if people need help finding something. Or doing something. No ma'am, you cannot use acrylic paint on t-shirts. Yes I'm sure.

I enjoy the job, not so much the people I'm working with. But hey, it can only get better right?


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