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1. Boys suck.

2. Castration should be used as a punishment for adultery.

3. Some people should be taken out of the gene pool.

4. People in love are blind.

5. It hurts when you get your eyes pried open.

6. It will get better.

7. And finally, if I were a goddess shall we say, Orev Deniker aka Crow aka Crow Deniker aka Nemisis aka dj_silvertouch, would be forced to confront Alexandra aka Keaira, his first girlfriend (if in fact she ever really existed), and made to tell her a list of all of the things he has done to members of the oposite sex since her death on August 14th 1996.

I bet she'd be pissed. Was this the destiny she saw for you, Danny boy? She died for you so that you might... what? Take advantage of emotionally fragile children? Use them and just discard them when something better comes along, lie, cheat I can go on.

I will actually, but not here. You think you are powerfull. You're not. You are a child, and know nothing. You should know fear; I am Pyre, born of the flames, I cannot be burned.

The info in this rant was gleened from me planting bugs all around you. This is no ones fault but your own.
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love cuffs

You are Leather Love Cuffs!

You're one for handcuffs, as long as you're the one with the key

When it comes to power exchange, you are straight up dominant

You weild the power all on your own- and your cuffs only re-enforce that.

You're so in control that you could cuff and gag the toughest street cop.

What Kind of Handcuffs Are You?

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