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 Why is this article called Cultural Obsessions with thinness: African American, Latina, and White Women when it has more to do with overeating then thinness.  We should of picked the tattoo one.

Ugh college. AND FOR THAT MATTER!!!

I specifically started going back to college this summer instead of in the fall because work had me only working 5-10 hours a week. I thought hey why not start early, I'm not doing anything else constructive with my time and also I won't have to start paying back my huge college loans, BONUS.

School started last week. I go to class Tues and Thurs 8 am to 2 pm. So far I've seen my English teacher once, and won't see her till the 3rd week, wth is up with that it's an 8 week course, and my Soc 101 teacher is treating it like a lvl 300 class. God so much writing. I'm only taking two classes, why in gods name am I writing 5 papers a week. Someone explain this to me.

Oh, and work? Has me working 34 hours this week. Nice timing work. Srsly. 
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Is with all your f-locked entries?! I'm just trying to read good rps here, why are you cock blocking me at every link.

I'm flipping though the Cookleta master list, and I swear to god, half of the links are f-locked. Are you guys just really paranoid or what.  I totally do not understand this.

And in order to read your fiction, I have to add you, and do an intro or whatever. Which is horrible because I'm the worst lurker ever in the history of fandom.  And my journal is boring, so I always feel like I'm wasting your time or something. ugh



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