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Why is it that even though I arrived a full 30 minutes earlier then I usually do, there is still almost no parking. Isn't parking supposed to be easier to find as the semester goes on and people drop classes?

I'm so doomed.
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to bang my head against.

Mom has voiced her new objection, that I should not go to Odessa with the boyfriend because it's too close to exams. Midterms are next week and I should stay home and study, not go off. Like I'd study if I were here, which I wouldn't, I'd probably spend the weekend laying around and watching TV!

Her previous objection was that she had not met the boyfriends' parents, and did not know the people I would be staying with. She was uncomfortable with that. Sort of understandable, I guess.

Still haven't decided what I'm going to do about Copywrite class... To drop, or not to drop, that is the question.

Good News: Got an 83 on my boardcheck! So I'll be on KSYM after spring break! Should be fun. Plus I've managed to convince my mother that I don't need to switch to a 'real' college by Fall 2004! (Honestly, 'You can't spend your senior year at a junior college' and 'Colleges require you to complete your last 60-90 credits at the college you graduate from' and the straight forward 'You need to switch to a 4 year institution')

Am I the only one not on drugs?

And even better than all of that, Tehya has returned to the internet! Yay! She isn't dead! And she's seen the light! Made my day!

Hey, if you're reading this, I'll e-mail you as soon as I have a spare moment, so in about a week? As soon as mid-terms are over with.
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Kevins been suspended, and nothing has happened to Bart, the idiot that started it. They didn't even wait to hear his side of the story! Just BAM! Off he goes! That's not fair, no matter how you feel about violence in schools.

My Copy-write teacher seems to just hate me, every class he picks on me. We're supposed to sit in a new seat everyday, so we can learn the names of our classmates, this I can kind of understand. But he is insisting I must sit in the front row, on the right side. And he calls on me constantly and when I answer, it's either 'wrong' or he just talks over me. I say 'wrong' because two seconds later someone else will give the same answer and magically it's right!

And if these two stupid girls do not stop downloading and testing thier ring-tones, I'm going to kill someone!


Dec. 11th, 2003 03:50 pm
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Three down, one to go! BF got me a sky blue bear for X-mas/Birthday, and allergies have kicked in again. Right out of the blue, was fine one minute and the next... that tell-tail tickle in my nose.

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Two down, two to go. TV Prod was exactly the same as the midterm, and Astro wasn't too bad.

Now all I need to worry about is Speech, must do GREAT, and Intro Mass Comm.

getting there...

I get next day off at least. SLEEP!


Nov. 21st, 2003 02:03 pm
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Things to do:
Write Speech
Due: 12/04/03

Write Astro Paper
Due: 11/30/03

40 min Oral Pres. For Intro Mass Comm
Due: 12/01/03

Defensive Driving

I will do this.
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I have to spend the next three weeks listening to a christian rock song!? Over, and over and over and over...


This is going to suck sooooo much.


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