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When you say that seeing a kid get smacked so hard I heard it half way across the store makes your day don't then tell me the story of how your daughter was beat to death by her step father while you were 'away'. And how you're going to kill the guy when he gets out of prison.

This makes me side eye you even more then I already do.

Also for a guy who is apparently pagan/from cali you tell way too many sex jokes at work. They aren't funny and no one thinks your clever.

P.S. I have no idea why you decided to quiz me on my belief in natural selection when questioning me about my atheistic beliefs. That argument made no sense. And while Einstein did say that energy cannot be destroyed, I still think that once your brain dies, that's pretty much it. No, I do not want to argue physics with you while the manager is counting down my drawer. No, really, I don't.
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Heard at work today: "Until someone has total gender surgery, they only count as cross dressers. I took a psychology class, so I know I'm right." And "Tranny is a technical term~! Why are you mad about this?"

And of course one of them had to do the gagging and choking sound effects when she left, complete with OMG THAT'S A GUY!

Dude, no. She looks like a woman, she's dressed like a woman, and yes while she clearly has that deep husky guy voice going on, I think it's pretty fucking clear how she id's. I try not to talk to any of the people I work with about anything but work, since it inevitably pisses me off, but it's nice to know the guys are such raging jackasses. Keeping most of the people I interact with to online only really skews with the way I'm viewing the world. You think most people are at least kinda excepting, then BAM! You come out as an atheist, and they start calling you Terrorist. In a purely joking way, God don't' take it so srsly I was just joking~!

She seems really nice, and interested in making her own jewelry, my fave kind of customer, let's hope she comes back~
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Who spent an hour today walking around the store holding her newish-born child.

I have nothing against mothers nursing in public, I don't think it's something that you need to do in a closed off room or hidden away. But I'm sorry, I know I can't really see any skin, but I can tell the kid is nursing. It's kinda disturbing that you're walking around shopping in a craft store, while your kid is trying to eat. That can't be all that comfortable for him, nor do I think it can be easy for him to eat with you walking up and down the aisles. Shouldn't you sit down for the 30 minutes to an hour? So both of you can relax?

Also it's kinda weird that you're asking me questions about fabric paint with your shirt hiked up like that. Idk, awkward?
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I have to leave for work in 10 minutes, why the hell am I having a panic attack about this.
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So I've downloaded the first two episodes of Sherlock, and am in the process of converting them both for ipod, since I never watch anything on my computer when I could be watching it curled up in my awesome bed with my awesome cushion. And if I like it I may go and read some slash instead of sleeping like I should. And eating coffee ice cream.


Today was a truck day, our first Christmas truck, and also a ton of new thanksgiving stuff as well. I was on register, but was also apparently supposed to help with unpacking.

Which would be fine, mostly, if I could actually do more then:
Finish with customer,
Walk over to wall and pick up box,
Cut open box,
Put down box and go back to register to check someone else out.

The start and stop was very annoying. What was even more annoying was the front end managers habit of saying So are you going to help us? Every time I was not actively checking someone out. Why yes,yes I will go over there and pick up a box for you~! And then I will put it down. Because I have to go ring someone up. I think I ended up putting away four or five items in the span of 2 hours.

Also, it might of been better to assign the section closest to my register for me to unpack? Perhaps one of those places where I can actually see my register, instead of the one all the way against the far wall. Where I can't see my register, or in fact any of the registers or the front door. Of course if she'd done that then whoever got my old assignment wouldn't be able to gossip with you. That would be unfortunate for her I can see.

Oh, and if I'm working 10-630 a noon lunch time is not acceptable. Especially since I don't get any other breaks, and when I get back from my lunch I'll still have six hours. This kind of defeats the purpose of having a lunch break every six hours, does it not?

I like the job, and the managers aren't assholes, but I swear to God idk what everyone elses problem is.


Jan. 19th, 2009 03:04 am
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All of the High School Musical dolls at my Target store just went 75% off, aka 5 bucks for Ryan and Sharpey, and 5 bucks for Gabby and Chad.

I was so tempted to buy them today, but I was afraid of what my coworkers would say.

I hope there's some left tomorrow <_<
*puts Ryan and Chad in obscene positions.


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