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Birthdate:Jan 2
This is a fandom only journal, there is no personal info here at all.

And personal stuff is friends locked, what little there is of it.

So that means mostly me flailing at w/e fandom is making me freak out that month.

LOL Ok so I lied, this is apparently going to turn into a personal journal as well as a fandom one.

Fun facts~ I'm 26 years old, still in college. I took a break for a few years to be a stay at home mom for my long time bf, but lets say that didn't end well and I'm going back to school. I work retail, and actually enjoy CS, and my job.

I've been in fandom for really long time, and used to be very involved under a different name, but loldrama.
My favorite author is Terry Pratchett, and am also a very big fan of The Queen's Thief series.

Interests (131):

adam lambert, aliens, american idol, archie goodwin, atom bomb, autism, bad horror movies, bad tattoos, bandom, battle of messines, big boy, bikini atoll, body mod, boerne, books, btfr, cain/glitch, castle bravo, chernobyl, cobra starship, cowboy bebop, crackfic!, creepypasta, crocheting, d&j, daft punk, danny elfman, danny phantom, discworld, draco malfoy, drake bell, drama, due south, elfman/burton, enchanted forest chronicles, eugenides, eureka, fall out boy, fantasy, fargo, film, flogging molly, frank iero, from the deep, gargoyles, gerard way, ghosts, god why, good horror movies, gossip, harry potter, harry/draco, high school musical, horror, horror movies, hot fuzz, hsm, i blame coco, jackson rathbone, kings of leon, knitting, kradam, kris allen, law & order, leverage, manhattan project, megalodon, merlin, michael whelan, modest mouse, monsters of the deep, mother mother, movies, mozenrath, music, my chemical romance, mysteries, nature, nero wolfe, nick frost, nuclear winter, ocean, oingo boingo, old books, ontd, owen burnett, p!atd, patricia c. wrede, patrick stump, pete wentz, photography, piercings, puck, queen, queen's thief, radjehuty, reading, retail, rincewind, ryan seacrest, rymon, salad fingers, sga, simon cowell, simon pegg, slash, slashy fan service, snakes on a plane, someone is after you, static shock, steampunk, sylvia ji, tattoos, texas, the clash, the king of attolia, the luggage, the queen of attolia, the real ghostbusters, the thief, thesexpistolssuck, they might be giants, trees, trichotillomania, urban exploration, v for vendetta, video games, vintage, violent femmes, water, young veins
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