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To the person I sold my book to. I sent the package to you on the 15, I confirmed this on Amazon. It arrived there on the 19, confirmed by usps. Why are you now, 4 weeks later, claiming it never got there. Maybe it disappeared from your mailbox or something, but why did you wait 4 weeks 21 days to contact me

I'm hoping he just forgot he asked me to send it to a different address then the one he had on file. Because if he did't... That 60 bucks is already spent on bills, I'd really rather not have to pay him for something I'm pretty sure he already has. Amazon said something about giving them a refund and if it arives then paying me again.

I'm pretty sure they wouldn't admit that it had eventually showed up.

No refund for you!
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Heard at work today: "Until someone has total gender surgery, they only count as cross dressers. I took a psychology class, so I know I'm right." And "Tranny is a technical term~! Why are you mad about this?"

And of course one of them had to do the gagging and choking sound effects when she left, complete with OMG THAT'S A GUY!

Dude, no. She looks like a woman, she's dressed like a woman, and yes while she clearly has that deep husky guy voice going on, I think it's pretty fucking clear how she id's. I try not to talk to any of the people I work with about anything but work, since it inevitably pisses me off, but it's nice to know the guys are such raging jackasses. Keeping most of the people I interact with to online only really skews with the way I'm viewing the world. You think most people are at least kinda excepting, then BAM! You come out as an atheist, and they start calling you Terrorist. In a purely joking way, God don't' take it so srsly I was just joking~!

She seems really nice, and interested in making her own jewelry, my fave kind of customer, let's hope she comes back~


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